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WalkMore Gel - Comfort and Ease of Walk, Jog and Trek

WalkMore Gel - Comfort and Ease of Walk, Jog and Trek

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WalkMore Gel is a First of its Kind precautionary water based gel made to make your daily Walk, Jog and Trek a comfortable and unique experience.

WalkMore Gel is a unique combination of rare pain relieving & footcare herbal extracts and natural essential oils. This unique and revolutionary combinations gives you atmost comfort and ease to your Legs, Heels, Ankles, Calfs and Knees.

WalkMore Gel has Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral, Anti-Inflammatory properties that helps in complete footcare and keeps your legs and foot soft and healthy.

Uses of WalkMore Gel, 100 Grams

  • Prevents from pains and discomfort due to walking or jogging or trekking.
  • Helps easing and flex the muscles for your physical exercise.
  • Relives Legs, Heel, Ankle & Knee pains.

Key Benefits

  • First of its Kind precautionary product for Walkers, Joggers and Trekkers
  • Keeps your Legs and Foot Soft and Healthy.
  • Immediate Penetration into Skin.
  • An Ayurvedic combination Using natural extracts of Turmeric, Tulasi, Neem, Winter Green, Eucalyptus, Glycerin.
  • 100% safe & effective.
  • Leaves No Residues after application.

Directions for Use

  • Apply WalkMore Gel from Knees to Foot before Workout.
  • No Massage is required. Allow the gel to dry.
  • Experience An authentic Comfort in Walking, Jogging and Trekking.

Key Ingredients

Turmeric, Tulsi, Neem, Winter Green, Eucalyptus, Glycerin, Gel Base qs.


  • AYUSH Approved
  • Our Manufacturing Processes are GMP (Good manufacturing practice) Certified
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