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GoPain 12g -Non Greasy Eco-Friendly Pain Relieving Gel

GoPain 12g -Non Greasy Eco-Friendly Pain Relieving Gel

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What is GoPain?

GoPain is an Authentic and Unique combination of Pure & Natural essential oils like

Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Clove and Pain relieving extracts like Nirgundi, Ajowan enhanced with Natural Menthol, mixed with Water based Gel

which aids in immediate and deep penetration into skin thereby gives instant and effective relief from pains without any Side Effects. 

Key Benefits

  • 100% Natural & Effective
  • No Side Effects because of Pure natural
  • Deep Penetration into skin
  • No Massage required
  • Instant Relief from pain
  • No Residue after application
  • No Petroleum products used
  • No Synthetic Extracts & Oils added

Who can use GoPain?

Any one suffering from

  • Spondilytis, Back Pain,
  • Joint Pains, Headache,
  • Post Covid related Body Pains

GoPain can be used by Women to

  • Get relief from pains during Menstruations period cycle.

Directions for Use

  • Gently apply GoPain gel on the effected area.
  • Let the gel to Dry / Penetration to Skin.
  • No need to Massage.
  • Just Relax. Experience the Pain Free


  • Natural Plant Extracts with water based gel


  • AYUSH Approved

  • GMP (Good manufacturing practice) Certified

  • ISO Certified

  • Non-Synthetic Certified

  • Eco-Friendly Certified By World Environment Organization

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