About Us

GreenQurisTM assists people in staying healthy without disrupting their busy, modern-day lifestyles. Coming from households with many doctors helped us understood, how important it is to maintain one's health and fitness. At the end of the day, no matter how successful a person is, if they are unwell then they won't be able to enjoy the success they worked so hard for.


GreenQurisTM tries to push a range of world class herbal, organic and other healthcare products, which help people improve their quality of living. In modern lifestyle, people often miss out on essential nutrients such as antioxidants, iron, fibre, magnesium, potassium etc. and without these, health slowly degrades over time. Our products help in filling this gap, by delivering high quality, hygienic products to the customers, which supply the essential nutrients usually missed out.


GreenQurisTM develops and promotes high standards of Plant Based Natural Herbal Supplements using state-of-art technology and extremely high standards of cultivating systems like temperature controlled green houses, hydroponic harvesting systems, natural solar dry rooms, fresh water ponds, eco-friendly pest controlled methods and thorough product testing etc. This process helps us in having full control on quality which gives maximum satisfaction to the consumers.  


Live Healthy. Live Natural.


Our Farms

Super Greens India was established in 2014 to promote eco friendly agriculture in barren lands where agriculture is said to be impossible. We are using  natural resources like sunlight and rain water to make a self sustained agriculture model by producing our own power through solar , storing the rain water in the sand layers deep in the ground etc.

Our Journey started in 2014 by establishing a commercial hydroponic farm by converting high alkaline water into normal water through solar powered Reverse Osmosis for cultivating Kale , Kailon, Komatsuna, Basils , Swiss chord etc. All these products are cold climate crops and cultivated them in a Hot and Humid climate near Chennai.

Later we have expanded to the cultivation of Plant based Natural Health Supplements in Controlled Green Houses. Right now we are producing Moringa in the green Houses, Spirulina in the raceway ponds and Chlorella in the Photo Bio Reactors.